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Water drops on a car window and a leaf, the beautiful sunset and the many types of flowers found in Florida, and the faces of my family are all things I enjoy photographing.

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Photography has been a hobby of mine for five years. I have taken one photojournalism course and am enrolled in Photojournalism II this semester. I have learned so much from the first course and can’t wait to learn more. I photograph a myriad of different things including family, friends, events and nature. However, nature is probably my favorite to photograph. More recently, I have found joy in trying to better my photojournalism skills and would like to be able to make a gorgeous picture story someday. My first camera, a Canon Rebel EOS, was given to me for my 16th birthday. It  is the camera that I use today and, despite its age, is still a reliable camera. Most recently, I used it to take photos at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade in St. Petersburg, Florida for a class assignment (picture below).

IMG_3369 Here are some examples of my nature photography:

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With all of these photos, I happened to be out during the hours of the day that give me the best lighting and took advantage of that. As demonstrated, I love getting clear, close-up photos of flowers and nice medium shots of other nature. I get close-ups of flowers because typically flowers are very vibrant, bold colors and I enjoy seeing those beautiful colors fill the frame. These are photos I took for Photojournalism I and my favorites from that class:

Butler_Ellery_assignment3_edited       IMG_0801 2

The squirrel photo was for one of my first assignments in Photojournalism I where we were supposed to take a photo of wildlife or of a landscape that immediately made a reader think of nature. I saw this cute little squirrel in a park in Safety Harbor. I used a telephoto lens and when I got close, he/she looked right at me and I clicked the button. I was incredibly worried that it would be blurry, but because I had propped my camera against the tree to take the photo, it came out crystal clear. The dog photo with the water falling toward him was a photo taken for the dog park assignment. The importance of this assignment was to get a clear shot of a dog still or in motion, but that still had something interesting going on, and to get the owner’s and dog’s names. Because I was unable to get their names, I was unable to use this photo for class. I included it here because it is one of my favorite photos. While I have a long way to go, I hope to someday be able to tell a picture story with even half the beauty and importance of W. Eugene Smith, the father of the picture story. I recently learned of his work in my Photojournalism II course from Janet Keeler’s husband, Scott Keeler, another impressive photojournalist. The point of the lesson was that you have to spent time with your sources to make them feel comfortable with you and your camera always being around. W. Eugene Smith’s picture story titled “Country Doctor” inspired me. His photos can be found here: 

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